11 Tips For Creating the Best Web Design for Conversion


Want to make sure you capture the attention of visitors to your website? Want to keep people on your site longer and entice them to buy? Of course you do. Your business and bottom line just might depend on it. Follow the following 11 web design tips for website success.

Go on a website reconnaissance mission. Begin looking at websites with one purpose – to find out what you like and what you don’t like about them. Take notes and bookmark ones that capture your attention. Make sure to look at websites for businesses similar to yours. The more you know about what others do right and wrong, the more you can follow those who do it right and ignore those who do it wrong.

Create a professional looking logo. A professional logo is a symbol of your company and will exist as your brand. This is how many people will remember your company. Make it look inviting and interesting, use a high-resolution image, and put it on every page of your website.

Make it easy to navigate. Have you ever been on a website and felt lost – where do I click? You definitely don’t want visitors on your page to have that feeling. Make navigation logical and simple. Using a horizontal menu bar along the top of the site is both familiar and simple,

Make text easy to read. Here are a few simple rules:

  1. Don’t s use super-small text.
  2. Use fonts that are easy to read across multiple devices (people will be looking at your site on their phone, tablet, and desktop).
  3. Make sure your colors work together – the wrong background color can make text difficult to read.
  4. Consistency counts – too many different fonts create confusion – stick to using no more than three different fonts.

Pick up the clutter. Some website have far too many images, graphics, and advertisements. Others are too wordy. Keep paragraphs short, limit the images, and make sure there is a flow to your web pages. Ads, banners, icons, buttons, and pop-ups may seem really cool, but too many of them just create a cluttered mess.

Use color wisely. Bright colors can be exciting, but too much of a good thing can ruin your webpage. A warm neutral color throughout your website works best. Splashes of color can capture the attention of visitors as long as it doesn’t overwhelm. It is also important to be consistent with color and make it work with your logo.

Every page should be a landing page. Not all visitors find your website through the home page. Many internet users happen upon your corner of the universe by landing on one of your other pages. That’s why it is important to have all the key company information on each page.

Make your contact information easy to find. If you want people to email or call, don’t make them have to search for your contact information. Most internet users will spend very little time looking for ways to contact you. If they don’t see it immediately, they may move on to a competitor. Your contact information should be in the upper portion of every web page on your site.

Make your buttons pop off the page! If you want people to submit or send, make your buttons stand out. Don’t make them drab and boring – this is where a few of those splashes of color can really give your site a big boost…and make people send, submit, and buy!

Make sure the mobile version of your site is a good as the standard version. You don’t want people to navigate away from your site just because they are on the train or waiting in the airport? Make sure that the mobile version of your site follows all the rules outlined here and maintains a good flow. More and more people buy from their tablet and smart phone – you want them to buy from you! 

Don’t let your website become stagnant. Though you don’t want to make wholesale changes to your website on a regular basis, you do want to update it from time to time. Adding banners, icons, and graphics from time to time keep it relevant and interesting to return visitors. Don’t let it stagnate!

A company’s website is its interface with the world. You want it to attract and retain visitors. You want it to be inviting, exciting, and enticing. You want it to be easy to read and navigate. You want it to sizzle and sell!