Is Developing and Contributing to a Company Blog Really Worth the Time and Hassle?

Blogs are everywhere – it seems as if every individual and every company has a blog. But, is it really worth the time and trouble to maintain a blog?

7 Reasons You Should Have a Business Blog

As a business owner, you want to do everything you can to keep your business in the black and to ensure long-term success. Will blogging help your business succeed? Take a look at these 7 reasons and see what you think:

  1. SEO. Search engine optimization is all about bringing people to your little corner of the web. The more people you bring to your website, the more people who will know about your business. Whether you are selling pool supplies, cat toys, or website design services, you want more people to find out about your company. By including specific keywords (words people use to search for topics, products, and services on Google), you can bring unique visitors to your own little section of the Internet.
  1. Blogging Keeps You Current. If you write some or all of the articles on your blog, you almost force yourself to stay updated on important current topics in your industry. You will become more knowledgeable about your products or service, and be a better spokesperson for your company.
  1. You Become the Go-To Guy or Girl. The better and more informative your content is, the more people will look to you for important information in your industry. It takes time to build up a reputation and to earn the trust of those who peruse the Internet, but if you can get to be the go-to person, your business will be booming!
  1. Get More Leads. Research has shown that blogging increases traffic to a website by over 50%. Don’t just have a fancy looking page with a few details about your business, give the readers some valuable information when you start a blog…and turn them into marketable leads. People like free stuff – if they think your free stuff is valuable, imagine how much value they will place on the product or service you sell.
  1. Blogging Shows Shoppers That You Mean Business. If you have a company website, you probably have an “About Us” page. This “About Us” page tells people why they should be interested in your products or services. A blog dives deeper, illustrating to your reader why they should look to your company to fulfill their needs. On a blog you can show off your knowledge and skill, and speak to your commitment to provide customers with the best in the business.
  1. Lower Your Expenses. Advertising can get expensive, but blogging is one of the least expensive promotional tools available for businesses. Get more leads for far less than the cost of a commercial, billboard, or magazine ad. All business can profit from more bang for their buck!
  1. Build a Better Business. Just think of a blog as one important segment of your business. A business without a blog is not exploring all avenues for success. A blog will provide exposure for your products, services, and ideas. A blog will show the world who you are and why they should be buying from you.

A blog is not a replacement for your website and it is certainly not something that should be done instead of traditional promotion. Think of a blog as a compliment to your company website and as one vital element in the long-term success of your business.

Is a blog really worth the time and trouble? If you think doing something that will dramatically help your business attract new leads and customers is worth the time and trouble, then you have just answered the question!