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Protecting Your Online Brand – Why Online Brand Management Counts

You have spent years developing and building your business. You have missed important family events and holidays to spend time getting your business off the ground. You’ve struggled and toiled to attract customers and retain their loyalty by offering the best value and service possible. However, as most business owners eventually realize, the idea of “set it and forget it”…

Why Local SEO is More Important Than Ever For Your Business

A well-known political adage states: “All politics are local.” Well, you could say the same thing about business. All business is local…at least for most businesses it is. If you are Amazon or Apple, this may not apply. But if you are a small business, you should take heed of this adage, especially when it comes to search engine optimization…

How Facebook’s New Updates Impact Social Media Marketing

Facebook recently got a facelift, and the big changes are seen in its News Feed, or should we say, News Feeds…as in multiple feeds. It is a bigger is better upgrade and keeps Facebook from looking old and tired…just like a facelift should. Mark Zuckerberg and his team of social media experts recently unveiled some new and exciting changes, primarily…