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Logo & Branding Design

Let Us Develop a Powerful & Memorable Logo for Your Website & Print Collateral

The “golden arches” brings to mind only one company. Branding and logo development are critical to online marketing success. Your brand must be perceived as professional, exciting, and reputable. Grant Marketing Group will allow you to communicate your business vision to the world through powerful, unique and engaging branding.

Grant Marketing Group gets to know each client deeply in order to understand their vision, mission, product or service, and identity. Our clients choose from multiple creative concepts, letting them select the design that most accurately reflects their brand and company image.

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Company Branding

Branding creates a positive message about your company that is shared with customers and prospects. Grant Marketing Group helps clients define their brand message, incorporating their vision and mission in an attractive custom logo that proudly proclaims their message.

Brand Recognition

Business growth requires long-term brand recognition, the hallmark of each Grant Marketing Group program. We assume our clients will grow and build brands that are versatile and scalable enough to grow with them from startup to established corporate identity.

Scalable Vectors

Brand designs must look good in any instance. We deliver graphic packages in scalable file formats, ensuring success particularly for print applications. Our creative designs offer use in online & print applications (email signatures, websites, business cards & more).

Brand Consistency

Consistency is the key to branding success, which is why we build branding programs with custom color palettes that extend across your entire company brand. Whether your logo, your website, or your print advertising, your customers will know your brand by the visual statement you make.