Our holistic approach melds together your analytics data, unique needs & competitive analysis in order to develop a successful website for your end user. Whether your needs require a mobile responsive design, enhanced corporate credibility or eCommerce solution we’ve got you covered.  

With a foundational presence in the greater San Diego area since 2000, the residential and mixed-use development company was in need of a multi-division consolodation and a fresh, credible and vibrant overall web presence. Through a robust UX and audience identification approach mixed with thoughtful design and branding, CityMark has a stunning and award-winning new website helping them grow their brand awareness and close on more residential properties.
UX & Audience Discovery / Custom Design / WordPress Development

"Best Website For a Company or Community," 2022

Founded by a 30-year foot surgeon veteran and an ex-Nike product designer, GMG worked with the startup company to completely reposition their digital presence with a more credible, informational and educational medical device eCommerce website. Through a UX process, the website was designed and developed to cater to both consumers as well as medical professionals. The website provided a platform to gain the attention of various outlets including Fast Company and America By Design.
Branding / Custom Design / Shopify Development
GMG had the pleasure to work alongside a prestigious New York based branding firm to bring this accelerated skin science company to life in the digital space. Leaning on the Shopify Plus framework, GMG completed a deep discovery including UX, audience journeys and custom design to bring to life an eCommerce website that could grow and scale for both consumer purchases as well as medical professionals through a separate pro site portal. Hydrinity has experienced major conversion rate lifts and repeat sales.
Discovery / Custom Design / Shopify Development
In partnership with a global textile supplier, Lifeloom was challenged to share their incredible and unique product value propositions to both a direct to consumer market as well as a medical professional audience. GMG worked with Lifeloom to strike the delicate balance between clinical and consumer-friendly visuals, all while powerfully presenting their product benefits and clinical studies. With mobile responsiveness and full integrations, this Shopify eCommerce website was a great success for Lifeloom.
Branding / Custom Design / Shopify Development

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